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There are 2 types of Arabescato marble, the venato or the carrara. The carrara is bringing you a unique combination of dusty grays and soft whites combined in a powerful, yet unique pattern. But at the same time, you also have the venato which uses alabaster tones, silvery clouds and some obsidian veins. They are both very distinct, and you can easily use them for all kinds of projects inside your home.

You can access the Arabescato marble in both honed and polished finishes. For a lot of people this is the best choice if you want a durable and visually impressive countertop, accent wall or marble tile floor. It can even work great for backsplashes too, which is one of the things a lot of people enjoy about it in the first place. This is an amazing investment for the residential projects or commercial ones. And it’s suitable even for interior design projects. Designers can easily play around with the Arabescato marble and create all kinds of styles and designs based on your own requirements.

The Arabescato marble can also be used for paving, as an ornamental stone, for monuments and even as a building stone. TO make things even better, it can be processed in a wide array of formats, be it sanded, sawn cut, rockfaced, tumbled, polished or sandblasted. This white marble from Italy will impress you with the one of a kind visuals. And if you’re creative, you will have no problem using it for octagons, all types of patterns and even mosaics if you want. It’s just a very distinctive pattern idea to think about and used wisely this has the potential to take your ideas to the next level. Don’t hesitate and use this beautiful white marble in your home design or renovation project!