The Ariston marble is a pure white marble quarried in Northern Greece. What you will notice right away is that it does tend to have some imperfections from time to time, but it does provide an incredible look and outstanding visuals, which really push the boundaries and make it stand out unlike never before. It’s the type of marble that a lot of people love because it’s different and fun to use. Plus, it’s super adaptable to your own requirements and well worth checking out especially if you like to make your floors or walls fully white. This is the right material to do it.

However, a lot of people use it for the exterior because it’s very durable and powerful. The Ariston marble has been used for monuments for a very long time, you can also use it for window sills, stairs, fountains, mosaics, countertops, floors and indoor walls, but also pools as well. All these things really show the true value and versatility provided by this type of marble. You will appreciate the great attention to detail and the fact that you have multiple finishes to opt for.

The water absorption for the Ariston marble is 0.23% by weight, it’s extremely durable and super powerful, which is exactly what you need to consider. It’s durable, powerful and extremely easy to adjust to your own requirements, provided that you start using it the right way. The Ariston marble is rarer when compared to other types of marble, but its unique coloring and high standard look really makes it stand out. You do want to check it out and give it a try, especially if you’re looking to create large stairs, structures or even monuments for your home.


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